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        To improve the students’ four English language skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—the courses are designed and facilities are equipped to cultivate the students’ professional English communicating abilities. The students are also encouraged to pass English language proficiency tests so as to get certificates. The aim is to train and enable the students to enter the fields where language skills are required.


二、科系特色 Features



With thematic and creative lesson designs, the computer room and the language lab are provided to create an advanced language teaching and learning environment. The features of the courses are:


  • 聽力方面 Listening
  1. 利用英文雜誌作完好的聽力訓練,使學生不再有訓練聽力的困擾。
  2. 不同類型的線上測驗,兼顧閱讀與聽力。

With the English magazine and diverse online tests, the students gain both reading and listening abilities.

  • 口說方面 Speaking
  1. 利用PPT報告擴展知識,訓練學生的口說和台風。
  2. 以全英文上台報告或對話,訓練學生臨場之應變能力。

By briefing and presenting on various topics in English, the students gain knowledge and improve speaking abilities.

  • 閱讀方面 Reading
  1. 廣泛閱讀英文小說以提升理解能力以及人文素養。
  2. 閱讀英文雜誌及材料以擴充國際視野,瞭解各地風俗文化。

By reading extensively, the students learn about the world and different cultures from novels and magazines, hence improving reading comprehension and cultural awareness.

  • 寫作方面 Writing

1. 透過英文週記寫作,訓練學生描述週遭事物的能力。

2. 透過日常對話的練習,進而加強寫作之能力。

Through keeping journals and practice conversations in English, the students improve their speaking and writing abilities when describing their surroundings and daily life.